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LOVE & ROSES – the new romance

I am convinced that the world becomes a better place when people value themselves and go their own way. My mission is to help people find a deeply emotional symbol for their life event, because most of us are searching for that one personal symbol once in our lives. #loveyouwant

The rose is a symbol of many communities. Our social connections emerge and change. We like to capture great moments, milestones that have been reached, values that have been defined and lived. This connects us to deep feelings and the knowledge that change is part of our story. (Weddings, anniversaries, important life stories....) Capture your most important moment, even for the next generations, it will be lost in time otherwise.

Where roses are given away, there is hope.

Give away a small miracle. Art knows the way to get there.

kata mai

This is what my heart beats for


I`m kata mai, grad. designer, from Osnabrück, Germany.

Have a look at my portfolio and contact me for your projects.

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