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“This is what my heart beats for.” 

kata mai


It started in my earliest childhood! My escape, the only moment to be really alone with my mother (6 children) was to go for a walk with her in her rose garden. Only we 2- alone. Roses mean to me since then great closeness, deepest trust and absolute togetherness.

So why do I paint roses?

2018 my husband and I were looking for

for a strong symbol for our long time together…. It should show our most important moment together and that we wanted to remember it every day. We searched for a long time – but our symbol was not to be found. Then I had the idea – to tell our story with the language of roses! Modern, impressive and timeless. We both liked it very much.



In 2018 I founded the studio prunkblume | rose painting. It has always been my heart’s desire over the years to create an individual collection, which is oriented in its offer according to the individual wishes of my customers.

When not preparing for the open collections (THIS IS US, LOVE&ROSES, ROSARIUM) I paint commissions. Commissions are a great way to own a painting uniquely specific for your needs…and the process is fun too! I love working with overseas clients too, if you would like an approximate quote in your local currency, including shipping – please use the Contact Page

PROFESSION | Dipl. Product Designer

For 30 years I was engaged in the theme of combining good product design with the art of flower painting.

I know the history of flower painting, especially roses, like the back of my hand and “the language of roses” I learned from my mother from childhood.

“the love of roses is like the love of music-
either it makes you dance –
or not”


kata mai

Thank you very much for your visit!

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