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The studio prunkblume revives the tradition of European flower painting, at the time of Baroque.the clients, were inspired to use the language of flowers to express feelings, to preserve memories, to make a social statement - but also to pass on their values, to the next generation....


I paint declarations of love in the language of roses Most of us are looking for a personal symbol for a life event. That's why I paint deep, emotional symbols for each life event. The rose represents secrecy. Only insiders know about your story.#loveyouwant

The rose is a symbol of many communities of life. Our social connections emerge and change. We like to capture great moments, milestones that have been reached, values that have been defined and lived. This connects us to deep feelings and the knowledge that change is part of our story. (Weddings, anniversaries, important life stories....) Capture your most important moment, even for the next generations, it will be lost in time otherwise. #loveyouwant

So what makes prunkblume's art unique? A rose picture shows your great moment and accompanies you for a lifetime. Your "we" moves and inspires people.